How is a Painting of mine born?

The creative process takes place in a very unconventional way… The shapes come to visit me at night, every night, before falling a sleep: it is a long-tested ritual now. Actually, these guests of mine are not just shapes: they are often rapid movements, flashes of light that pierce the darkness, lacerating chromatic contrasts…
The hearing goes something like this.
Each shape, each colour accord presents itself and tells me its story, its pain or its joy: not infrequently, I give my preference to those who express an authentic existential drama, more than a simple pain.
The “lucky” ones which are selected have to face a singular test, which they don’t even imagine yet: they are thrown naked onto the canvas! They are given nothing: not a script, not a plot and not even a miserable overall theme…

Everyone will have to take part to the general action, but without any help: without an expert guide, who directs his first steps, and – unfortunately – without even a merciful God, who inspires his actions or redeems his sins!

At this point, the summoned shapes and colours stage their own Drama, whose plot is totally unknown to me at the beginning.

I – simple Demiurge and not Creator – am completely ignorant of the outcome!