About the artist

Marco Raddino is an Italian painter. 

As a child, he showed great interest in art and culture.

Later, in his teens, he first started drawing comics and portraits. Then as a young adult, he then devoted himself intensively to oil painting. Inspired by Renaissance painting, he initially devoted himself to classic oil painting, and then mastered iconographic art by taking courses.

After studying philosophy, he began to produce paintings in the expressionist style. So far he has made several paintings in this style. These pictures reflect to his life experience, transferring to the canvas his feelings that come from the heart.  

"In my artistic research, I explore the occult links among forms, colours and metaphysical meanings.

In my works the shapes often refer to trees, plants and volatile animals. 

Always in transformation, my figures constitute metamorphoses that originate from unconscious forces and from a wise calculation at the same time. 

The colours that I use in my palette are deliberately limited: their purpose is to refer to the original purity of the Four Elements. 

In my paintings, the space is not represented in a realistic way: I usually privilege vertical structures, suitable to symbolise the deep union between the physical and the spiritual world. 

The symbolic universe from which my works are born in mainly based on the Jewish and Christian imagery."